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2017 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport Car Review



ON PAPER at least, Infiniti has an easy task of convincing buyers it should pick its Q60 Red Sport over the Audi S5, BMW 440i, Lexus RC350 or Mercedes-AMG C43 coupes.

Perhaps this two-door flagship has the easiest undertaking of all the Japanese brand’s models to do so.

Fleshed out with big wheels and juicy detailing, the top Infiniti Q60 plays into the hands of a market easily swayed (within a segment especially swayed) by appearance.

Australians love performance, too, and the 298kW Red Sport is much, much faster than the 233kW RC350.

It is also thousands and thousands of dollars cheaper than the 260kW S5, 240kW 440i and 270kW C43 that each bump six-figure territory.

The Q60 ducks a sizeable $12,000 under that tipping point.

As with the BMW and Lexus, it also sports the classic sportscar configuration of rear-wheel drive.

So, then: hot to look at, with scorching performance claims and a relatively affordable pricetag.

Could this be Infiniti’s most convincing model yet, off paper and on the road?

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Model release date: April 2017


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