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2004 Holden Astra CD 5-dr hatch Car Review


THESE days Astra is a byword for style, competence, quality and value.

Did you know it descends all the way back to the 1975 TX Gemini?

We completely missed the 1979 MkII, saw the ’84 MkIII thanks to the successful 1994-1997 Daewoo 1.5/Cielo clone, ignored the 1996 MkV TR model, and then finally adopted the MkV TS of 1998 with an intensity not seen since the TE Gemini’s early-'80s heyday.

So how does the sixth-generation General Motors small car stack up?

Model release dates: November 2004 - April 2007

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Previous model

Make: Holden
Model: Holden Astra

September 1998Release date:

June 2004End date:

Holden's redesigned TS Astra replaced the TR model in Australia in September 1998 in five-door guise and soon went on to spawn four-door sedan and three-door hatch variants.

A convertible version arrived here in December 2001 (and is still on sale) while the three-door 147kW SRi Turbo version lobbed in May 2003.

After the TS Astra was discontinued in June 2004, Holden reintroduced "Classic" sedan and hatch versions of the TS.

Dubbed "model year 4.5", Astra Classic continues on sale as an entry-level model alongside the new AH Astra (on sale from November 2004) tested here.

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