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2016 BMW Alpina B3 Touring Car Review



SALES of BMW’s high-performance models and sports flagship M-cars demonstrate Australia’s enthusiasm for propeller-badged cars with punch, but for more than half a century local fans have been denied the exclusive Alpina range that has been available in Europe.

Since 1965, the BMW-backed manufacturer has been taking standard models and adding its own touch of luxury, style and performance, but from last year, a handful of models went on sale in Australia as well.

The first fleet consisted of the B4 coupe and convertible which start life as a BMW 440i, the B3 sedan which is based on a 340i and a version of the same car in the Touring wagon body.

While the B4 and B3 sedan appeal to a particular set of customers and have their own direct rivals, the B3 Bi-Turbo Touring has its own unique charm and appeal that not only sets it apart from its siblings and similar BMW models, but almost everything else on the road.

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Model release date: November 2016


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