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2001 Ford Falcon SR sedan Car Review


CALL them limited editions or special value packs, but the fact is you're seeing more and more of them from the Australian car manufacturers.

They're Commodores, Magnas, Camrys, Avalons and, in this case, Falcons dressed up with extra equipment for just a little more money.

From a handy marketing gambit they've become a necessary part of any car company's plans to sell to private buyers.

The SR is the Falcon Forte with extra kit which came on sale in April 2001.

Originally intended to go off sale in July, it was still going when the AUIII Falcons went on sale in mid-November.

Model release dates: April 2001 - September 2002

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Previous model

Make: Ford
Model: Ford Falcon EL

September 1996Release date:

August 1998 End date:

The GLi Falcon ran in EL form from September 1996 until its AU replacement in September 1998.

Some would argue the EA series that eventually became the EL was a better-looking car than the current series.

Engine options included the 4.0-litre SOHC six-cylinder or the 5.0-litre pushrod V8.

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