Proton / Gen.2 / L-Line 5-dr hatch

2004 Proton Gen.2 L-Line 5-dr hatch Car Review


PROTON’S second independent model is another front-wheel compact that slots between the light and small car segment in size and price.

Lotus obviously has had a big hand in the way this steers and rides, while the stylists looked to Europe for inspiration.

The result is the poorly named CM-series Gen.2, an interesting effort that may not quite achieve its maker’s ambitions, but might be worth checking out anyway because of its sheer individuality and value for money.

Model release dates: October 2004 - November 2013

Previous model

Make: Proton
Model: Proton Persona

November 96Release date:

October 04End date:

The Gen.2’s predecessor was the front-wheel drive Persona, a 1993 makeover of the 1992 Mitsubishi CC Lancer, featuring new sheet metal and the implementation of a five-door hatchback model (alongside the four-door sedan variant) that the Japanese original was never offered with.

Australians first saw it as the Wira in mid-’95, but the name was replaced at facelift time to Persona from late ’96.

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