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2008 Lotus 2-Eleven roadster Car Review


ALL Lotus cars are quick, light, handle very well and are not all that practical.

The 2-Eleven is an extreme example of Lotus values, sort of like a sociopathic version of the Elise.

It doesn’t have a roof, it has no creature comforts whatsoever, is incredibly loud and can’t even be registered in Australia.

The price of $127,500 sounds very steep given you can’t even drive it on the road, but the 2-Eleven can blitz some of the most expensive exotic supercars in the world on the racetrack.

With a 1.8-litre supercharged engine belting out 188kg and a kerb weight of just 745kg, the 2-Eleven has a power to weight ratio that would rival Formula One cars of the 1960s.

Model release dates: April 2008 - September 2011

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