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Toyota Kluger (50 Series II Kluger)

Make: Toyota
Model: 50 Series II Kluger

Jan / 2017Release date:

Current model

Toyota rolled out its updated Kluger large-size SUV in February 2017, with a revised drivetrain and restyled looks on offer.

Outputs for the 3.5-litre atmo V6 petrol engine increased by 17kW/13Nm to 218kW/350Nm, while an eight-speed automatic transmission was added in replace of the former model's six-speed unit.

As such, there were sweeping improvements to fuel economy and carbon dioxide emission levels across the board.

Externally, a new front fascia featured, as well as LED tail-lights. Inside, Toyota described the interior as more upmarket than before.

Pricing increased between $1360 and $2360 depending on the chosen variant.

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