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Toyota HiLux (Mk8 HiLux)

Make: Toyota
Model: Mk8 HiLux

Jan / 2015Release date:

Current model

For its eighth-generation HiLux, Toyota set out to make the venerable pick-up "tougher" than ever, choosing Australia's unforgiving and diverse landscape as the perfect location for a rigorous six-year development tenure.

A beefier ladder chassis was borrowed from the Toyota Prado for increased stiffness and durability off-road, while some panels were constructed of thicker materials to prevent easy deformation.

Kerb weight increased by about 150kg but a pair of more frugal and powerful diesel engines offset the difference, alongside the returning petrol V6 and in-line four-cylinder powertrains.

In typical light commercial vehicle style, Toyota offered the 2015 HiLux in a choice of 30 different versions, with various combinations of single cab, extra cab or double cab, cab chassis or pick up, 4x4 or 2x4, and manual or automatic transmissions.


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