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Toyota Corolla (E160 MkII Corolla)

Make: Toyota
Model: E160 MkII Corolla

Jan / 2015Release date:

Current model

In a bid to maintain the strong sales of its popular small hatchback, Toyota made the 2015 Corolla available with a choice of not one, but two different faces.

On the one hand, the new SX and ZR versions derived their styling from the United States market and were designed to appeal to a more youthful audience, while the European looks of the Ascent and Ascent Sport aimed to retain more of the Corolla's existing and loyal customer base.

Higher-end ZR and SX Corollas got bodykits, larger wheels and bright colours with gloss black highlights, while the more affordable Ascent versions were given more inconspicuous aesthetics.

A fettled suspension set up sharpened steering, handling and straight-line stability without compromising occupant comfort.


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