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Mercedes-AMG GT (C190 GT S)

Make: Mercedes-AMG
Model: C190 GT S

Jan / 2015Release date:

Current model

Mercedes' eagerly awaited Porsche 911-battling high-performance coupe finally arrived in 2015 bringing a potent combination of front mid-mounted turbocharged V8 engine coupled to a taught rear-drive chassis and room for just two occupants.

Two versions were offered in Europe and the rest of the world, but given Australia's hunger for the top-performance, only the highest power GT S was offered Down Under with a hearty 375kW and 700Nm from its 4.0-litre eight-cylinder.

No manual gearbox was available and power was dealt with at the rear end by an eight-speed DCT Speedshift automatic transaxle. The Coupe could hit 100km/h from standstill in 3.6 seconds and had a top speed of 310km/h.

A "sportier" Edition 1 limited edition was offered at launch with more carbon-fibre components, different wheel design and a more race-car-like fixed spoiler in place of the deployable version.


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