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Hyundai Veloster (Series II Veloster)

Make: Hyundai
Model: Series II Veloster

Jan / 2015Release date:

Current model

A mid-life upgrade for Hyundai’s Veloster in May 2015 came after three years on sale, and saw the introduction of Hyundai’s in-house seven-speed dual-clutch transmission as a $2500 option for the turbocharged cars.

The new SR Turbo expanded the range to four, which included the base Veloster, Veloster Plus, the new SR Turbo and the range-topping SR Turbo Plus.

Pricing for the naturally aspirated cars stayed the same, but the SR Turbo Plus copped a $1000 uptick.

The Series II upgrades spread across all four variants, and incorporated even more suspension tuning tweaks from HMCA’s in-house team.

A change to wider tyres prompted the team to swap the 24mm-diameter front swaybars for thinner items, increase the front spring rates on the turbo cars and fit new dampers at all four corners.

Externally, the only changes to the bodywork came in the form of a greyed-out grille surround and new-design alloy rims. The new SR Turbo introduced a matte blue paint scheme, complemented by a blue-accented interior trim.

Inside the Veloster, new features included heated/vented front seats on the SR Turbo Plus as well as a new instrument cluster, colour-stitched steering wheels and coloured seatbelts for SR Turbo variants.


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