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Honda NSX (NSX Series II)

Make: Honda
Model: NSX Series II

Jan / 2002Release date:

Jan / 2005End date:

Not surprisingly the United States was the NSX’s core market, where it was sold under the upmarket Acura brand.

But US legislation outlawed pop-up headlights – one of the NSX’s signature design features – in 2002, so Honda took the opportunity to bring on the only facelift the Japanese supercar ever enjoyed.

The lighter and more efficient fixed headlights were the most obvious change, along with redesigned bumpers and fresh cabin trim and finishes.

There were also modifications to the suspension, with higher spring rates in the front and a larger diameter anti-roll bar at the rear, as well as larger wheels and tyres.

In some overseas markets there have been faster NSX editions, notably the wild Type R models with lightweight materials and extra performance from the 3.2-litre V6 powerplants – but these were never officially sold in Australia.

Only a handful of Series II NSX cars were sold before Honda discontinued the model in early ’05. But the carmaker has confirmed that it will not abandon the supercar market.


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