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Honda Civic (Mk10 Civic)

Make: Honda
Model: Mk10 Civic

Jan / 2016Release date:

Current model

For the tenth-generation Civic, Honda introduced the sedan version ahead of the hatchback, with grand aspirations for the small car to follow the HR-V compact crossover into battle, replicating a similar warm reception.

The manual gearbox entry-level version was dropped, as was the 2.0-litre Sport, but a newly developed CVT was introduced as the sole transmission, along with a carry-over 1.8-litre engine. A new 127kW/220Nm 1.5-litre turbo was the big news.

Honda's local team were involved with the development of the new version more than any vehicle before it, resulting in styling, drive characteristics and technology closely tailored for Australian's tastes.

Technology including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto were included for the first time to target the younger audience that Honda needed to regain vital recognition and sales.


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