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Honda CRX (Mk3 CRX)

Make: Honda
Model: Mk3 CRX

Jan / 1992Release date:

Jan / 1998End date:

Honda changed the styling and character of the Mk3 CRX by incorporating a hard, detachable roof.

To the chagrin of fans, the previous model’s hardcore handling gave way to a softer, more touring-based Targa machine.

Power came courtesy of a 118kW 1.6L twin-cam 16-valve VTEC engine, featuring efficiency-enhancing variable valve timing, mated to a five-speed manual transmission.

Anti-lock brakes, power windows, central locking and alloy wheels were also standard. A driver’s side airbag was included from mid-’94, while a minor facelift arrived in March ’96.

However, despite the burgeoning convertible scene spurred on by the popular Mazda MX-5, the flounder-inspired CRV Targa was, ironically enough, neither fish nor fowl, and never sold to expectations.


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