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Honda Accord Euro (Mk8 Accord Euro)

Make: Honda
Model: Mk8 Accord Euro

Jan / 2008Release date:

Jan / 2015End date:

The second-generation Accord Euro arrived with a bigger body, more powerful engine and with more features for a lower price than its predecessor.

Key competitors include the Mazda 6, Subaru Liberty and Volkswagen Jetta.

The engine is a development of the previous model’s, a 2.4-litre DOHC petrol four-cylinder with outputs of 148kW at 7000rpm and 234Nm at 4400rpm (up from 140kW and 223Nm respectively)

The six-speed manual and five-speed automatic are also carry-over items from the previous model, albeit with specific improvements in the case of the (optional automatic)

Models include the Accord, Accord Euro Luxury and Accord Euro Luxury Navi.


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