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Holden Crewman (VZ Crewman)

Make: Holden
Model: VZ Crewman

Jan / 2004Release date:

Jan / 2007End date:

The Crewman's VZ facelift brought with it dramatic performance and refinement improvements, in the shape of a new Alloytec V6, new six-speed manual as standard, a revised V8, upgraded autos and subtle chassis updates.

The new Alloytec 3.6-litre V6 was rated at 175kW and 320Nm, and mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, while the GEN III V8s now delivered 235kW and 460Nm.

But there is no change to Crewman's cramped rear seating accommodation.

From February 2006 the new 6.0-litre GEN IV V8 arrived.

A member of General Motors’ fourth-generation small-block V8 stable and the first application of L76 within the GM empire, the Mexican-built engine delivered 260kW at 5600rpm and 510Nm at 4400rpm (on premium unleaded petrol).

Holden claimed the Gen IV L76 offers better acceleration, smarter low-speed engine response and improved ease of towing over the previous 250kW/470Nm 5.7-litre Gen III V8 engine.

Beefier front brakes were fitted to the VZ Crewman 6.0 to cope with the extra forces.


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