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HSV ClubSport (Gen F-2 ClubSport)

Make: HSV
Model: Gen F-2 ClubSport

Jan / 2015Release date:

Current model

The final Gen F-2 HSV range hit showrooms in September 2015, intent on sending the highly-tuned Commodores off with a bang.

The bang came in the form of a 400kW supercharged LSA V8, that offered 60kW more than the outgoing LS3 engine.

The Clubsport R8 was offered with either manual or automatic transmission, and exterior styling tweaks included a redesigned fascia that included a new splitter and wedge-like air intakes for a more aggressive front end feel, while the bonnet vents found on V8-powered versions of the VF Series II Commodore carried across to all LSA models, although the HSV vents are satin black rather than the gloss versions on the Holden.

At the rear, the ClubSport sedan gained a restyled diffuser, a Satin Graphite low-line spoiler and LSA badging, while the Tourer also featured the badging and it carried over the new LED tail-lights from the Commodore range.


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