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Ford Ranger (PX MkII Ranger)

Make: Ford
Model: PX MkII Ranger

Jan / 2015Release date:

Current model

The heavily facelifted Ranger, designated PX MkII, had a new bonnet, front grille, headlights and front fenders, bumper profiles and new wheel designs, but the rear was unchanged.

The new vehicles also got changes to the dampers for better pitch control, electric power steering, a new cable-shift six-speed manual gearbox and idle-stop fuel saving system for the manual versions.

The XL kicked off the range in single-cab chassis 2.2L manual guise from $27,390, or the Hi-Rider was priced $30,890; automatics add $2200 and 4WD pushed the price up by $7900 for much of the range or $11,400 in the case of the XL.


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