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Ford Festiva (WF Festiva)

Make: Ford
Model: WF Festiva

Jan / 1998Release date:

Jan / 2000End date:

Still in the thick of the price war, the Festiva received more minor trim changes and slightly revised engines.

The base 1.3 boasted improved driveability but a small dip in torque output, while the 1.5 became a less-efficient 8-valve engine, resulting in a 11kW power drop in the Trio S and GLXi models.

All models received better audio, a trip computer and cloth trim. A sporty “Demon” pack packed in alloy wheels, air-con, power steering, a CD player, and power mirrors. In early 2000 the Festiva range was rationalised to Trio 1.3 and GLXi 1.5 models.


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