Ford Fairlane (ZG Fairlane)

Make: Ford
Model: ZG Fairlane

Jan / 1973Release date:

Jan / 1976End date:

A fussier grille, four-wheel disc brakes (an Aussie first) on the bigger V8, improved suspension, a collapsible steering column (with a headlight flasher stalk) and inertia reel front seatbelts were the main changes over the ZF Fairlane, which rode on the back of the better-handling XB.

Engines remained unchanged. Falling Fairlane demand forced Ford to up the standard features kit, with automatic now being the only transmission available.

From mid-’75 extra features, bumper overriders and a vinyl roof became standard.

A 50th Anniversary Fairlane 4.9L V8 arrived in late ’75.

Overall, 19,556 ZGs were built.

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