Peugeot 406 (D9 406)

Make: Peugeot
Model: D9 406

Jan / 1999Release date:

Jan / 2004End date:

A thorough facelift brought a new grille, bumpers, headlights, tail-lights and bonnet, while revised cabin trim, new colours, more safety and extra standard features completed the visible changes.

Underneath Peugeot introduced new engines, fettled with the suspension components and steering to improve dynamics and ride, while improved seats and better refinement rounded out the upgrade.

The standard ST automatic used the old 406’s 100kW/187Nm 1998cc 2.0 unit, but the manual now featured a different 1997cc 2.0 producing 102kW/194Nm.

An 82kW/255Nm 1997cc 2.0 HDi turbodiesel (in sedan-only guise until mid-’01, when a wagon and an auto arrived) replaced the old derv unit.


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