Land Rover Discovery (Discovery Mk2 Series III)

Make: Land Rover
Model: Discovery Mk2 Series III

Jan / 2002Release date:

Jan / 2005End date:

After just eight months, Land Rover released the Discovery Mk2’s first facelift.

The nose featured a very Mk3 Range Rover-like headlight, grille and bumper bar arrangement, there were redesigned tail-lights and alloy wheels, and the cabin sported new trim.

Buyers could also choose new features such as park-distance control and a DVD player.

The 4.0-litre V8 engine’s power output was now 136kW, a locking centre differential was now standard on all models and the brakes and suspension were improved.

This was the last Discovery model with roots to the original Range Rover of 1970.

An all-new model developed by owner Ford was scheduled for introduction in late 2004.


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