Ford Falcon Ute (AU III Falcon ute)

Make: Ford
Model: AU III Falcon ute

Jan / 2002Release date:

Jan / 2002End date:

Ford kept playing the value-added card to prop-up Falcon sales.

Trainspotters should be aware of the “Series III” badge, smoked headlight surrounds, body coloured mirrors and trim, clear side indicator lens and an extra-tinted windscreen.

Towards the AU III’s demise during 2002 Ford began to leak details of the heavily facelifted and re-engineered BA Falcon. The s/s XR8 Pursuit 250 was the ultimate expression of the outgoing V8, packing in a stroked 5.6L V8 producing 250kW and 500Nm.

It was loaded with standard features and has a payload of just 402kg.

Special editions:
Mar 02 – SE s/s: Alloy wheels, tonneau cover, alloy sports bar.
Mar 02 – Tradesman c/c: Alloy wheels.
Mar 02 – Marlin s/s: Alloy wheels, cruise control, body-coloured grille and mirrors, limited slip differential, tonneau cover, sports suspension.

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