Mazda 323 (BJ (Mk6) Series II 323)

Make: Mazda
Model: BJ (Mk6) Series II 323

Jan / 2001Release date:

Jan / 2002End date:

A new nose, new bumpers, a refreshed cabin trim treatment, and more features (such as a CD player as standard) helped see a rise in the 323s fortunes, led by sharp base model pricing.

A 98kW 2.0L twin-cam 16-valve 4-cylinder engine was the new SP20 Astina’s main draw, along with sharpened suspension, a body kit and trick interior trimmings.

And, of course, the Shades edition added value from April ’01.

In September ’01 a Protégé Platinum 2.0L edition was launched. 400 were offered for sale.


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